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R & D

On the one hand, our internal R&D efforts are aimed at recipe development and fine-tuning in support of our production.

At the same time, we carry out applied scientific research projects in close cooperation with external knowledge centers (colleges, universities, other companies ..).

The goal of this research effort is to better understand and control raw materials and fermentation processes in order to produce the cleanest, most honest beers at the most consistent possible level.

Currently, a significant research effort is allocated to hop research: with the “Single Hop Technology” project, supported by IWT Vlaanderen, and in close cooperation with KaHo Sint-Lieven, we are making important efforts in order to better understand this noble raw material in all its aspects.
Click here to download the first results (Trends In Brewing, Gand 2012).
Click here to download the posters as presented at the last EBC-congres (European Brewery Convention, Luxembourg 2013).

R&D specific contacts:
Ann Van Holle: et Jan Van Nieuwenhove:  

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